THE 10-YEAR QUESTION — Creating the future you desire today.

Adebola Alabi
3 min readMay 5, 2020


How a simple question can help prepare you for a future you desire.

Last month, I was having a conversation with one of my students. We were discussing money issues, and she was uncertain whether she will be able to retire someday. She is behind on her schedule based on what financial experts recommend as saving goals. If you are interested in learning about how to retire with enough money, check out this article.

Our discussion soon turned into career topics. She has been in the same position for about five years, and at this time, she has become super comfortable with her job. I then asked her the 10-year question — “What would you like to do in 10 years?” It was as if a light bulb went off in her head as she realized that she wanted more for herself, but wasn’t sure of what to do or how to proceed to get to the position she desired.

A Comfort zone can be dangerous. It is a position of status quo where most likely you are not learning or improving your skills. If you find you find yourself too comfortable with what you do, then it may be time to find a way out of the comfort zone. Check out this post that I created about being uncomfortable in your comfort zone.

I think we all need to ask ourselves this 10-year question from time to time. While talking to this person, a thought came to, what if I had been more intentional about developing my writing career from 10 years back? What skills, training, or experience would I have pursued? A forward-thinking question to ask now is — what can I do today that I will be most proud of ten years from now?

The truth is, if we are not intentional, we will find out that we live each day to chances, letting circumstances around us dictate our actions and outcome. The purpose of the 10-year question is to create the self-awareness that we need to create the future we desire. It is all about, what you can do today, that will give you the future you most desire. You can apply this to your relationship, career, health, finance, and life generally.

People perish for lack of vision. I do not want you to look back in regrets, so I want you to use the 10-year question to look forward and start doing what you can do today so that you can get the outcome you desire in the future. Ask this question: “What would the 50-year-old me wish the 40-year-old me had done?”

Better still…

Ten years from today, what will the older you wish, the younger you had done?

Is it completing your college education?
Is it spending more time with your loved ones?
Is it taking that vocational training to learn new skills?
Is it leaving that job that takes you away from your family?
Is it investing for retirement?
Is it mending that relationship with an old friend?
Is it investing more in relationships?
Is it starting your business?
Is it relocating to another country?
Is it traveling more or taking on more adventures?
Is it spending time to be a role model for that high school student that does not have any intention of going to college?

Whatever future you desire, you should start creating that future today by asking the 10-year question and taking actions that will get you to your desired results.

Wishing you had done something when you were younger may cause regrets.
Ten years from now, even if you don’t accomplish all your plans, you will still have some fulfillment if you look back to measure the progress that you have made.

Today is yours. Create the future of your dream.
Don’t look back in regret.
Look forward in hope.

Go ahead and ask the 10-year question. It is worth the effort.
And It makes life a whole lot more fulfilling.



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