You either lack it, or you have it

Adebola Alabi
2 min readJan 18, 2021

You either have it, or you lack it.
If you have it, people around you will trust you.
If you lack it, people will doubt your capability.

When you have it, it will seem as if there is no challenge you can’t overcome
If it resides within you, you will feel as if you can move mountains.
It opens doors of opportunities for growth for you.

When you lack it, it becomes obvious to those around you.
They will question your competencies and ability to achieve results.
If given a choice, they won’t want to associate with you.

Do you lack confidence?
The good news is that it can be developed.
You can either use the fake it till you make it approach.
Or the build it to have it approach.

When you take the faking it approach, some people will believe you initially.
But others will see through you.
You can only deceive people for a while before everyone else see that you lack confidence.
Meanwhile, your reputation has been damaged.

To build confidence, you need competence.
To develop competence, you need to know what you don’t know.
Knowing what you don’t know helps you to understand what you need to learn.
Learning will build your competence, and in turn, boost your confidence.

A confident you have arrived.



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