Adebola Alabi
1 min readApr 1, 2021


To do the extraordinary, you need to arise above mediocrity

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Mediocrity is the bane of greatness.
Nothing extraordinary could ever be achieved with a mediocre mindset.
A mediocre is content with average.

Mediocrity lacks passion
Mediocrity prevents excellence
Mediocrity denies progress
Mediocrity guarantees ordinariness (status quo)

To go from ordinary to extraordinary.
You have to ARISE
You’ve got to challenge yourself and the status quo
You have to relentlessly aspire for “extra,” above the ordinary.

Do you want to become extraordinary in your relationship?
Arise, love, and care for the people around you.

Do you want to be a superstar in your business?
Arise — and exceed your customer expectations.

Do you want to excel in your career?
Arise every day and add value to your employer.

Do you want to be a professional athlete?
Arise, practice, and improve your skills.

Arising and meeting the moment ensures you become a better version of yourself.
It helps you to reach for the stars
It put you on the path towards becoming extraordinary.

Are you ready to arise?



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