All the water in the world won’t sink your boat if it doesn’t get inside.

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If you have ever been at the receiving end of it, Congratulations You got it because you attempted something It was doled out to you because of your efforts. If you have never been criticized, it means You are either so perfect, or you are not attempting anything The former is just not possible. Davy Crockett once said, “Make sure you are right, then go ahead.” In your endeavor, make sure you always give your best. Bring on your A-game. Being criticized is not a…

Five Ideas To Beat Your Productivity Trap

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Let’s face the fact, the world that we live in today is driven by productivity. The more productive a society becomes, the more attractive it will be for pools of talents to migrate to such a place. The most productive countries are rewarded by the largest slice of investment cash from people all around the world. Your boss in the office measures your performance based on how productive you are and the values you add to the team. …

It is not about the destination but the journey.

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Bit by bit, that’s how we progress.
Step by step leads to incremental progress.
Sudden and progress do not go together.

Each step you take,
Each action you undertake in the right direction
Will eventually leads to progress

You may not see results immediately.
You may feel as if you are not getting anywhere.
That’s because progress is not sudden.

So what does progress looks like? If you want to become debt-free Progress means avoiding further debt And paying off your outstanding debt until you have none left. If you want…

To do the extraordinary, you need to arise above mediocrity

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Mediocrity is the bane of greatness. Nothing extraordinary could ever be achieved with a mediocre mindset. A mediocre is content with average. Mediocrity lacks passion Mediocrity prevents excellence Mediocrity denies progress Mediocrity guarantees ordinariness (status quo) To go from ordinary to extraordinary. You have to ARISE You’ve got to challenge yourself and the status quo You have to relentlessly aspire for “extra,” above the ordinary. Do you want to become extraordinary in your relationship? Arise, love, and care for the people around you. Do you want to be a superstar…

A goal without a system will produce an inconsistent result

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We are accustomed to setting goals whenever we want to accomplish anything. We have been told that setting and going after our goals is the only way to achieve results. Setting goals is so important that we have people describe themselves as goal-getter, goal-oriented, goal-driven, and so on. Undoubtedly, setting and pursuing our goals can make it easier to get what we want in life, but it is also true that not everyone who had goals actually accomplished results.

It is reasonable to be curious as to why some people…

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We often get ourselves in trouble when we get into the comparison game. We become stressed and sad because other people are ahead of us. We assumed that they have everything in life all working for them. We use other people as a benchmark to measure our progress. And if we don’t measure up to these standards, we buy into the notion that we are “falling behind.” We assume that we are too late. Too late to complete our education Too late to get married Too late to have a kid Too late to buy our house Too late to…

Always insist on being your best

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From time to time, you will face a choice. A choice to accept to cut corners or follow the expected process A choice to do a mediocre job or to go above and beyond in your tasks. You must insist on doing your best. At work, you may have to choose Between rolling out faulty products or delaying shipment for a fix. You must insist on producing quality products. You may have to choose Between providing excellent customer service or treating your customer like a burden You must insist on giving the best service…

Adebola Alabi

A Certified Financial Education Instructor. Mission is to help bring out the best in others. Thanks for reading my work. Check my website

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