5 Tips to overcome interview TENSIONS!

Adebola Alabi
4 min readFeb 4, 2023
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Let’s face it; job interviews could bring some tension. You are likely to have a million and one things going on in your mind as the day of the interview approaches. What exactly does the hiring manager want? What should I focus on during the interview? What should I say when they ask certain questions? You are not alone if you feel this way. According to JDPower research, 93 percent of American job seekers get nervous before a job interview.

Here are five tips to help you overcome job interview anxiety

Have a mindset shift about a job interview.

The first source of anxiety comes from how you see the interview. You probably think of it as a forum where the hiring team eventually eliminates you. That negative mindset will only increase your tension. If you change your thinking and see it as a meeting where you will share your experience, skills, and capabilities and help the company solve its problems. If you can have that mental shift, you will discover that you look forward to the interview. Remember, they need you just as much as you want them, and that’s why you were invited for the interview. It costs them money and time to bring you in. The only thing you need to do during the meeting is convinced them that you are the right candidate. Relax, and do your job.

Perform a thorough research of the company.

You can lessen your tension by making sure you do a thorough job researching the company you want to join. You should find out everything you can about the company. The vision and mission statement. The products or services they provide, the company culture, and competitors. You should have all this information at the back of your mind. Go to their website, research the internet, and follow them on social media platforms; it is not an excuse not to know about a company you are interviewing for. Guess what they may ask you: “Why do you want to join our company.” That becomes an easy question because you have done your initial research. So, do your research, equip yourself with the necessary information, and win the hearts and souls of the interviewers.

Read & Understand the job description.

You must read the job description before the interview day. You should understand what is required to be successful in the position; you should ensure you have stories about what you have done in the past that will show the hiring manager that you are a good fit for the position you are interviewing for. For example, if in the job description, there is a requirement that the ideal candidate must be able to lead a team of engineers. If you have managed people in your past positions, this is an opportunity for you to let the interviewer know about your leadership style and how you led your team and give him a glimpse of what people say about you. Don’t forget to add the juicy details about what you accomplished as a manager in your organization. Just relax and let your accomplishment speak for you.

Make a great impression.

You are going for a job interview, it is a very important meeting. Whether you get the job or not depends on how you present yourself to the interviewer. You should do your part by ensuring you dress to impress the interviewers. When I say impress, I mean you should dress appropriately. Look clean and friendly, smile, be composed, display confidence while talking, and maintain eye contact. Don’t appear shabby and rough at the interview. Avoid any distractions (Phone on silent or off) — firm handshake. When you speak, make sure your voice is audible. Be present by paying attention.

Be prepared to ask questions.

In the end, the interviewer will almost certainly ask if you have any questions for them. This is an opportunity for you to close the deal. Never say, “I’m good; I don’t have any questions.” The questions you ask indicate your interest in the role and the company. You must ask questions. Ask at least 2. (1) What advice would you give to a successful candidate who wants to do an excellent job in this position? (2). What’s the culture in this company? (3). What challenges are your company facing, and how can I help you overcome them? (4). What would you need me to concentrate on within the first 30 days of starting?


- Success is all about preparation.

Do your part by making sure you are well-prepared for the interview.



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